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#NitwitNews! strives to take things out of context [Aug. 16th, 2013|11:27 am]
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If the nitwits consistently do anything, it's to show little bits of something rather than the truth. They've got a big thing with trying to warp facts, photoshopping fake evidence, and, like now, taking something out of context.

A stretch back the nitwits had this Queen of Edenia account, which they later abandoned and is now adorned with a penguin in a spoof of cyberbullies I like. Everybody knew it was the nitwits, with the exception of 1 friend of mine, but some of us played it off like maybe it wasn't... to allow the nitwits to slip up. Anybody that thinks you think they're not who you know they are often trip themselves up, and the nitwits are fact that prove that rule.

This morning the nitwits went over the deep end with an account they keep claiming isn't one of theirs, that keeps proving it is with every single tweet, and then outta the blue it started going after my @EvilGrins twit. It went with this:

One nitwit using something that happened over a year ago from 2 other of his own accounts to cast aspersion upon me goofy lil' butt?

I don't think so.

Towards the end, before it deleted, Edenia started actively cyberbullying... the other accounts by the same writer. It was very out of character, given Edenia's claim to fame was pretending to be another victim of the nitwits. Made more wonky that the nitwits pretended their main account's writer was dying and that before he passed away he gave all of his accounts to Edenia...

...yeah, totally obvious!

Anywho... Shawn Palakon is also one of the nitwits. Edenia started verbally, as much as typing can be verbal, abusing him. Then apparently, somehow in a way that was never fully explained, she got his password and stole his account... and then DM'd me (my @EvilGrins was friended due to my playing off I didn't believe she was the nitwit waiting for her to slip up) Shawn's password.

There've been a few times, I freely admit, I wasn't 100% sure Shawn was one of the nitwits. He occasionally comes across as a wannabe who's trying to ingratiate himself to the nitwits. Nowadays I'm sure he is one of them, but back then I was still in an iffy phase. So, Edenia gave me his password, from the account she stole from him, and I reached out to him and gave it back to him.

I'm a nice guy. Sue me.

This is the whole bit that the nitwits didn't include...

...minus some content in DMs (twitter's version of PMs, private messages).

So, this current nitwit, who's name is basically Toby in Pig·Latin, I think was trying to give the impression I was colluding with these other 2 nitwit accounts of his. Coming from a guy who wasn't around back then, claims to not be one of the nitwits, and yet is trolling accounts of mine he shouldn't know about without some highly detailed stalking of my goofy's booty's online presence.

Is it any wonder I call him a nitwit?

Oh, to recap, 1 guy with multiple accounts...