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maybe him, maybe not · #NitwitNews [Dec. 17th, 2013|06:04 am]
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That link is for a number of accounts that go after that nitwit that keeps stalking me from twitter. He think they're me, he thinks a lot of people are me, but that's not the case. Used to keep them on a similar link just for the nitwit's accounts, but decided to give them their own last night.

how TwitterFall works:
What you'll need to do is click the link, then authenticate from your twitter account, setup the display from the options there, and click the link again.

Used to be you didn't need to authenticate at all, but now you do... which is why the 2 clicks. After you authenticate it resets to its default link so you have to remind it what you were originally looking for.

The NitwitEaters, as they like to be called, don't interact much with anyone, but I've had some limited luck in DMs from their main account which followed one of mine. I've got mixed feeling about anyone bullying a bully... but I can't be too sympathetic towards the nitwit, given he's been cyberbullying me for close to 2 years with his sadistic, pedophile, bestiality, raping, stalker crap.