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How to handle cyberbullies on Twitter [Jan. 16th, 2015|09:07 am]
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I was aware of cyberbullies in the Twitterverse before I made @the_daily_rag but never had any direct encounters with them until quite a bit after the tabloid was active. The Blue Bird Tabloid (The Rag's name) was created July of 2010 and while there were a few cyberbullies it dealt with early on, it wasn't until September of 2011 that I crossed paths with the nitwit, a true sicko who prefered to be known as Cenobite who used multiple accounts to target a tonnage of people, that I seriously looked into how to handle them.

Prior to him there were only a few:
-Fior Zara: A Star Wars themed RPer, used a cat-like female in RP. Perfectly normal, very fun up until that last week. The person she usually RP'd with got sick and hadn't been on regularly for a few weeks... so in his absence she described him sexually assaulting her for an SL (storyline). He was pissed when he learned about it, and she reacted as though he'd betrayed her. For about 36 hours she cyberbullied him, his friends, and anyone that spoke against her (like say an RP-tabloid).

After which she deleted her account and disappeared... but not before sharing a disturbing detail. That her writer was an underage junior highschool girl.

Fact: Longstanding dished out #RPtips I've endorsed for years, mainly because of the havoc she caused, is never engage in any form of sexual roleplay online if you don't know the ages of all those involved.

-Bobby Zod: The Rag didn't have direct problems with this guy, and frankly he loved the coverage I gave him in news. Especially giggly that I nicknamed him Roberta Zod. He initially appeared on the scene by hijacking an RPG. A DC Comics themed event, featuring a General Zod invasion, Bobby waited until the guy running that RPG turned in for the night, then he @'d all the members of the RPG and claimed he was the other guy but his account had been compromised so he'd made a new one.

All told, despite a tendency to be more brutal than the Zod who actually ran that game, rumor is he made for a more interesting moderator... until he was exposed. Then he started threatening all involved, challenging them to fights in the real world. It turned out he didn't like most TwitterRP as he felt it all lacked something, which is why he decided to hijack that one when he did. His short temper, and his stalking all the members of that RPG for months to come, didn't speak well of him no matter how well he did when they thought he was the other guy.

He was also a raging homophobe and was brutal to any RPer he even suspected of actually being gay. He eventually deleted and a new @BobbyZod popped up, but the new one didn't last long and seems to have abandoned the account.

-There were a few more but I don't want this post to get too long. Suffice to say, most of them either didn't last long or attacked in little bursts every once in awhile with a few months to a year between incidents.

Conclusion: Most cyberbullies don't last very long. They have a shelf-life of about a few days to maybe a few months before they give up and, as I like to think of it, grow up and realize how immature they were being. There's only a small number of truly disturbed individuals that keep cyberbullying people, whether they have a connection to them or not, for years.

Specifically, I only know of 2: The nitwit & that rape-tweeting bastard who likes to be known as Frankie Cage.

Twitter's Method: What the all-powerful Twitter Gods advise is to block those that harass you or just ignore them. Blocking is the advice, not the rule, and some choose not to do it as cyberbullies see getting you to block them as some kind of power move...

...mostly because there's something seriously wong with them, as they wouldn't be constantly attacking people online if their was anything fulfilling going for them in the real world.

Hell, most people with nothing going on their real lives still don't cyberbully people... not when they could be attacking monsters in any number of online games readily available all over the internet!

The people who cyberbully are truly damaged people...

...but I'm getting a smidge off topic and high on my soapbox here.

Twitter also advises you take screenshots of their activity, in case you decide to pursue legal action somewhere down the line, and to file reports on their abuse to Twitter directly. These I did often, with the added bit that I incorporated the screenshots into news reports on cyberbullies for The Rag. Had the added benefit I could link those reports directly into filed Twitter abuse reports.

The Rag was active on twitter for 4 years & 5 months. Yes, I miss it and intend (soon as I get permission from Twitter) to make a new news account, or get the original back... but that's looking less likely day by day.