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How to handle cyberbullies on Twitter [Jan. 16th, 2015|09:07 am]
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I was aware of cyberbullies in the Twitterverse before I made @the_daily_rag but never had any direct encounters with them until quite a bit after the tabloid was active. The Blue Bird Tabloid (The Rag's name) was created July of 2010 and while there were a few cyberbullies it dealt with early on, it wasn't until September of 2011 that I crossed paths with the nitwit, a true sicko who prefered to be known as Cenobite who used multiple accounts to target a tonnage of people, that I seriously looked into how to handle them.

Prior to him there were only a few:
-Fior Zara: A Star Wars themed RPer, used a cat-like female in RP. Perfectly normal, very fun up until that last week. The person she usually RP'd with got sick and hadn't been on regularly for a few weeks... so in his absence she described him sexually assaulting her for an SL (storyline). He was pissed when he learned about it, and she reacted as though he'd betrayed her. For about 36 hours she cyberbullied him, his friends, and anyone that spoke against her (like say an RP-tabloid).

After which she deleted her account and disappeared... but not before sharing a disturbing detail. That her writer was an underage junior highschool girl.

Fact: Longstanding dished out #RPtips I've endorsed for years, mainly because of the havoc she caused, is never engage in any form of sexual roleplay online if you don't know the ages of all those involved.

-Bobby Zod: The Rag didn't have direct problems with this guy, and frankly he loved the coverage I gave him in news. Especially giggly that I nicknamed him Roberta Zod. He initially appeared on the scene by hijacking an RPG. A DC Comics themed event, featuring a General Zod invasion, Bobby waited until the guy running that RPG turned in for the night, then he @'d all the members of the RPG and claimed he was the other guy but his account had been compromised so he'd made a new one.

All told, despite a tendency to be more brutal than the Zod who actually ran that game, rumor is he made for a more interesting moderator... until he was exposed. Then he started threatening all involved, challenging them to fights in the real world. It turned out he didn't like most TwitterRP as he felt it all lacked something, which is why he decided to hijack that one when he did. His short temper, and his stalking all the members of that RPG for months to come, didn't speak well of him no matter how well he did when they thought he was the other guy.

He was also a raging homophobe and was brutal to any RPer he even suspected of actually being gay. He eventually deleted and a new @BobbyZod popped up, but the new one didn't last long and seems to have abandoned the account.

-There were a few more but I don't want this post to get too long. Suffice to say, most of them either didn't last long or attacked in little bursts every once in awhile with a few months to a year between incidents.

Conclusion: Most cyberbullies don't last very long. They have a shelf-life of about a few days to maybe a few months before they give up and, as I like to think of it, grow up and realize how immature they were being. There's only a small number of truly disturbed individuals that keep cyberbullying people, whether they have a connection to them or not, for years.

Specifically, I only know of 2: The nitwit & that rape-tweeting bastard who likes to be known as Frankie Cage.

Twitter's Method: What the all-powerful Twitter Gods advise is to block those that harass you or just ignore them. Blocking is the advice, not the rule, and some choose not to do it as cyberbullies see getting you to block them as some kind of power move...

...mostly because there's something seriously wong with them, as they wouldn't be constantly attacking people online if their was anything fulfilling going for them in the real world.

Hell, most people with nothing going on their real lives still don't cyberbully people... not when they could be attacking monsters in any number of online games readily available all over the internet!

The people who cyberbully are truly damaged people...

...but I'm getting a smidge off topic and high on my soapbox here.

Twitter also advises you take screenshots of their activity, in case you decide to pursue legal action somewhere down the line, and to file reports on their abuse to Twitter directly. These I did often, with the added bit that I incorporated the screenshots into news reports on cyberbullies for The Rag. Had the added benefit I could link those reports directly into filed Twitter abuse reports.

The Rag was active on twitter for 4 years & 5 months. Yes, I miss it and intend (soon as I get permission from Twitter) to make a new news account, or get the original back... but that's looking less likely day by day.
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maybe him, maybe not · #NitwitNews [Dec. 17th, 2013|06:04 am]
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That link is for a number of accounts that go after that nitwit that keeps stalking me from twitter. He think they're me, he thinks a lot of people are me, but that's not the case. Used to keep them on a similar link just for the nitwit's accounts, but decided to give them their own last night.

how TwitterFall works:
What you'll need to do is click the link, then authenticate from your twitter account, setup the display from the options there, and click the link again.

Used to be you didn't need to authenticate at all, but now you do... which is why the 2 clicks. After you authenticate it resets to its default link so you have to remind it what you were originally looking for.

The NitwitEaters, as they like to be called, don't interact much with anyone, but I've had some limited luck in DMs from their main account which followed one of mine. I've got mixed feeling about anyone bullying a bully... but I can't be too sympathetic towards the nitwit, given he's been cyberbullying me for close to 2 years with his sadistic, pedophile, bestiality, raping, stalker crap.
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#NitwitNews! strives to take things out of context [Aug. 16th, 2013|11:27 am]
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If the nitwits consistently do anything, it's to show little bits of something rather than the truth. They've got a big thing with trying to warp facts, photoshopping fake evidence, and, like now, taking something out of context.

A stretch back the nitwits had this Queen of Edenia account, which they later abandoned and is now adorned with a penguin in a spoof of cyberbullies I like. Everybody knew it was the nitwits, with the exception of 1 friend of mine, but some of us played it off like maybe it wasn't... to allow the nitwits to slip up. Anybody that thinks you think they're not who you know they are often trip themselves up, and the nitwits are fact that prove that rule.

This morning the nitwits went over the deep end with an account they keep claiming isn't one of theirs, that keeps proving it is with every single tweet, and then outta the blue it started going after my @EvilGrins twit. It went with this:

One nitwit using something that happened over a year ago from 2 other of his own accounts to cast aspersion upon me goofy lil' butt?

I don't think so.

Towards the end, before it deleted, Edenia started actively cyberbullying... the other accounts by the same writer. It was very out of character, given Edenia's claim to fame was pretending to be another victim of the nitwits. Made more wonky that the nitwits pretended their main account's writer was dying and that before he passed away he gave all of his accounts to Edenia...

...yeah, totally obvious!

Anywho... Shawn Palakon is also one of the nitwits. Edenia started verbally, as much as typing can be verbal, abusing him. Then apparently, somehow in a way that was never fully explained, she got his password and stole his account... and then DM'd me (my @EvilGrins was friended due to my playing off I didn't believe she was the nitwit waiting for her to slip up) Shawn's password.

There've been a few times, I freely admit, I wasn't 100% sure Shawn was one of the nitwits. He occasionally comes across as a wannabe who's trying to ingratiate himself to the nitwits. Nowadays I'm sure he is one of them, but back then I was still in an iffy phase. So, Edenia gave me his password, from the account she stole from him, and I reached out to him and gave it back to him.

I'm a nice guy. Sue me.

This is the whole bit that the nitwits didn't include...

...minus some content in DMs (twitter's version of PMs, private messages).

So, this current nitwit, who's name is basically Toby in Pig·Latin, I think was trying to give the impression I was colluding with these other 2 nitwit accounts of his. Coming from a guy who wasn't around back then, claims to not be one of the nitwits, and yet is trolling accounts of mine he shouldn't know about without some highly detailed stalking of my goofy's booty's online presence.

Is it any wonder I call him a nitwit?

Oh, to recap, 1 guy with multiple accounts...
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the @livejournal / @twitter divide [Apr. 3rd, 2013|01:03 pm]
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I've never understood why twitter is so insistent that each account has to have a separate email address. I'm too used to LJ, where you can tie literally over a thousand sockpuppets to a single email addy. Now, granted, I've never had quite that many over here... but when I was a more active RPer on LJ, back in the day, I easily had over a hundred.

My master·list for my LJ alts are on ray_wolf. Well, the ones that're left. A few years ago LJ kicked in a new policy, which they haven't fully implemented but it somewhat works, that any account inactive for a certain timespan would be automatically deleted and purged.

Still, twitter would be a much better place if you didn't need to setup an entirely new email address for however many twits you setup. In the heyday of my LJ-RP most of the users I knew had easily over 500 sockpuppets. Many still do, in those RP-communities that're still active...

...and the same can be said of on twitter, where I know a few RPers that have at least a thousand RP accounts.

Not me though. I don't have anywhere near that many.

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@spam @feedback @safety @twitter: I'd like to explain @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn [Dec. 20th, 2012|04:12 pm]
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[Current Music |Dexter & Haven]

Simply put, I made @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn to deal with a cyberbully who's been coming at me bestiality, pedophilia, and general harassment and cyberbullying for well over a year.

Not so simply put... that'd be the rest of this.

For references you should look at the following 2 links:
· http://twits-by-choice.livejournal.com/34909.html
· https://twitter.com/the_daily_rag/nitwits
· http://canadianbasti.tumblr.com/post/10752172378/all-of-cenobites-accounts-that-i-could-find

You can read these later, if you like:
· http://book-of-lists.livejournal.com/77943.html
· http://the-daily-rag.livejournal.com/158715.html
· http://the-daily-rag.livejournal.com/142027.html
· http://the-daily-rag.livejournal.com/90468.html
· http://the-daily-rag.livejournal.com/87206.html

Others with stuff to say about this nitwit:
· http://victor-szasz.livejournal.com/tag/cenobite
· http://canadianbasti.tumblr.com/post/20894430754/essentially-this-all-traces-back-to-over-a-year
· http://cyberman-delete.livejournal.com/25670.html

When you get cyberbullied for a lengthy period of time, you may find a desire to keep track of the accounts doing it to you.

Okay, I've reported some of this to you before but here's the full dealio.

I hope you'll listen.

I first learned about this cyberbully that goes by a lot of names but likes to be referred to as Cenobite, seeing as his first two twitter accounts literally had that in the account name. He most often goes by Simon Palakon and since I've been aware of him he's had about 15, maybe 20, accounts with that name. You've suspended about ½ of those.

The reason he made a blip on my radar is I write @the_daily_rag and I've got a lotta ties to the various people and groups that do roleplaying on twitter. This Cenobite guy, about a year prior, created an account of a supposedly real girl to set up this guy in a lengthy online relationship. In September of 2011 Cenobite suicided this fake girl... excepting most folks didn't realize she was fake at the time. The guy was devastated but there were a few things about the situation that didn't quite mesh well with reality. I did a little digging, found some stuff in the first 48 hours, and reported about them in The Rag...

...whereupon I became a popular focus for this Cenobite nitwit.

He's cyberbullied me extensively since. Moreso after he figured out who I really am. He's sexually harassed me, which I've reported and you've suspended. He's sent me disgusting sexually drawn out perversions, featuring @the_daily_rag as a sexual instrument he can rape others with, you've suspended those too. He's even gone so far as to include my 4 year old niece in detailed sexual things he's sent me. You've suspended a lot of those, he just makes more.

Not all of his accounts have the name Simon Palakon on them but it is his most popular identity, so he sticks to it like glue. He's got about 7 active Simon Palakons on twitter at the moment

...discounting a parody I made for this @ClubTux spoof thing I have: @RealCenobite. That demented little penguin is all mine!

I've asked him for about a year, multiple times, to leave me alone and to stop sending me detailed blurbs sexing up my niece. He refuses to stop and likely will keep doing it until the world ends, which may be tomorrow so woo hoo. I've tried multiple ways to stop him, with mixed results but a lot of positive, and I've made some friends along the way with similar issues and determinations.

At any given time this Cenobite guy is cyberbullying anywhere around a couple dozen people. Not too long past he infiltrated a popular RPG with multiple accounts of his made for it, learned the personal details of the other players in DMs and the publicly started using it to bully them with. Again, much of this was reported to you twitter folks and you suspended a lot of them.

Yet he just keeps coming back with more. The cycle continues.

So I made @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn last night. An in your face, not so very subtle, direct "call Cenobite on his shit" account. I'm keeping it within the rules of twitter's Terms of Service and @'ing twitter's official accounts with anything it picks up. I've tied everything else and while you guys at twitter do a good job, the fact of the matter is you don't get all of his accounts...

...and sometimes he manipulates others, under the mistaken guise it's part of whatever RP storyline he's doing, to further harass his previous victims. Well, previous might be the wrong word because Cenobite keeps going after anyone he's bothered before unless he managed to drive them off of twitter.

In addition to this I'm gonna send you a bucketload of tickets on some of Cenobite's recent crap, linking to here.

Sorry about any typos. Spellcheck can only do so much and I was in a rush.
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What's up with the nitwit now? [Oct. 3rd, 2012|02:20 am]
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Can't sleep, it's WAY too hot right now, so I decided to skim the list: Clicky!

I do this every few days, usually when I'm going through a bout of insomnia.

Got as far as @simon_ceo_, I do each section, starting with Active, from the bottom up, when I saw him talking to one of his own accounts. Not that unusual, he does that a lot. This time though, he posted a link.

Seemed weird, so I clicked it.

It's another of his "I'm leaving twitter forever" things. He's done a few of these, the forever seems to last all of a couple weeks to a few months, but whatever. It also has, surprise surprise, an IP trace setup on it.

So, he's gonna know I looked at his little page lie.

What I can't figure out is why he's sent this link to another of his accounts. Then again, trying to work out how his head works is beyond me. I named him the nitwit for a reason.
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twitter troll [Sep. 25th, 2012|01:03 pm]
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little project I'm working on [Sep. 12th, 2012|11:12 am]
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Trying to bring something good back to something a cyberbully nitwit majorly fucked up...

...felt compelled to take a screenshot right at that point.
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the twits are coming outta the woodwork... [Sep. 4th, 2012|01:26 pm]
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...which explains why they have gotta have termites in their heads.

Both of them are women, though one often pretends to be male. One's mad at me for some imagined slight that's got no real basis to it, the other's obsessed with me for reasons I can only speculate at. One I've got no clue how old she is, the other's a high school brat.

Both are on twitter, which like all us of with account there, makes them twits... but the way both of them are acting they're idiots too.

Both have multiple accounts, which they can't seem to stop talking about me and to me from, and get on my case because I've got multiples too. As though, and they've said as much, that my haing multiples somehow speaks badly upon me yet not on them.

The bratty high school twit is easily the worse of the two, constantly sends me the most perverted shit I've seen in ages. Stuff like murdering people then having sex with them and then dragging animal caracasses in on the whole things, while often incorporating penetration by some foreign object or other. Which I wouldn't mention except she often expresses I'm some kind of sexual deviant and am going to burn in Hell because of it.

You see the kinda stupidity I gotta deal with here?

If I didn't have the sweet ecstacy of chocolate I might almost be letting this bother me some.
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Tweet. [Jul. 20th, 2012|10:55 am]
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