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the twits are coming outta the woodwork... - Not twitterers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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the twits are coming outta the woodwork... [Sep. 4th, 2012|01:26 pm]
Twits by Choice


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...which explains why they have gotta have termites in their heads.

Both of them are women, though one often pretends to be male. One's mad at me for some imagined slight that's got no real basis to it, the other's obsessed with me for reasons I can only speculate at. One I've got no clue how old she is, the other's a high school brat.

Both are on twitter, which like all us of with account there, makes them twits... but the way both of them are acting they're idiots too.

Both have multiple accounts, which they can't seem to stop talking about me and to me from, and get on my case because I've got multiples too. As though, and they've said as much, that my haing multiples somehow speaks badly upon me yet not on them.

The bratty high school twit is easily the worse of the two, constantly sends me the most perverted shit I've seen in ages. Stuff like murdering people then having sex with them and then dragging animal caracasses in on the whole things, while often incorporating penetration by some foreign object or other. Which I wouldn't mention except she often expresses I'm some kind of sexual deviant and am going to burn in Hell because of it.

You see the kinda stupidity I gotta deal with here?

If I didn't have the sweet ecstacy of chocolate I might almost be letting this bother me some.