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@spam @feedback @safety @twitter: I'd like to explain @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn - Not twitterers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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@spam @feedback @safety @twitter: I'd like to explain @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn [Dec. 20th, 2012|04:12 pm]
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Simply put, I made @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn to deal with a cyberbully who's been coming at me bestiality, pedophilia, and general harassment and cyberbullying for well over a year.

Not so simply put... that'd be the rest of this.

For references you should look at the following 2 links:
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When you get cyberbullied for a lengthy period of time, you may find a desire to keep track of the accounts doing it to you.

Okay, I've reported some of this to you before but here's the full dealio.

I hope you'll listen.

I first learned about this cyberbully that goes by a lot of names but likes to be referred to as Cenobite, seeing as his first two twitter accounts literally had that in the account name. He most often goes by Simon Palakon and since I've been aware of him he's had about 15, maybe 20, accounts with that name. You've suspended about ½ of those.

The reason he made a blip on my radar is I write @the_daily_rag and I've got a lotta ties to the various people and groups that do roleplaying on twitter. This Cenobite guy, about a year prior, created an account of a supposedly real girl to set up this guy in a lengthy online relationship. In September of 2011 Cenobite suicided this fake girl... excepting most folks didn't realize she was fake at the time. The guy was devastated but there were a few things about the situation that didn't quite mesh well with reality. I did a little digging, found some stuff in the first 48 hours, and reported about them in The Rag...

...whereupon I became a popular focus for this Cenobite nitwit.

He's cyberbullied me extensively since. Moreso after he figured out who I really am. He's sexually harassed me, which I've reported and you've suspended. He's sent me disgusting sexually drawn out perversions, featuring @the_daily_rag as a sexual instrument he can rape others with, you've suspended those too. He's even gone so far as to include my 4 year old niece in detailed sexual things he's sent me. You've suspended a lot of those, he just makes more.

Not all of his accounts have the name Simon Palakon on them but it is his most popular identity, so he sticks to it like glue. He's got about 7 active Simon Palakons on twitter at the moment

...discounting a parody I made for this @ClubTux spoof thing I have: @RealCenobite. That demented little penguin is all mine!

I've asked him for about a year, multiple times, to leave me alone and to stop sending me detailed blurbs sexing up my niece. He refuses to stop and likely will keep doing it until the world ends, which may be tomorrow so woo hoo. I've tried multiple ways to stop him, with mixed results but a lot of positive, and I've made some friends along the way with similar issues and determinations.

At any given time this Cenobite guy is cyberbullying anywhere around a couple dozen people. Not too long past he infiltrated a popular RPG with multiple accounts of his made for it, learned the personal details of the other players in DMs and the publicly started using it to bully them with. Again, much of this was reported to you twitter folks and you suspended a lot of them.

Yet he just keeps coming back with more. The cycle continues.

So I made @eViLgRiNsBuTtOn last night. An in your face, not so very subtle, direct "call Cenobite on his shit" account. I'm keeping it within the rules of twitter's Terms of Service and @'ing twitter's official accounts with anything it picks up. I've tied everything else and while you guys at twitter do a good job, the fact of the matter is you don't get all of his accounts...

...and sometimes he manipulates others, under the mistaken guise it's part of whatever RP storyline he's doing, to further harass his previous victims. Well, previous might be the wrong word because Cenobite keeps going after anyone he's bothered before unless he managed to drive them off of twitter.

In addition to this I'm gonna send you a bucketload of tickets on some of Cenobite's recent crap, linking to here.

Sorry about any typos. Spellcheck can only do so much and I was in a rush.