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the @livejournal / @twitter divide - Not twitterers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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the @livejournal / @twitter divide [Apr. 3rd, 2013|01:03 pm]
Twits by Choice


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I've never understood why twitter is so insistent that each account has to have a separate email address. I'm too used to LJ, where you can tie literally over a thousand sockpuppets to a single email addy. Now, granted, I've never had quite that many over here... but when I was a more active RPer on LJ, back in the day, I easily had over a hundred.

My master·list for my LJ alts are on ray_wolf. Well, the ones that're left. A few years ago LJ kicked in a new policy, which they haven't fully implemented but it somewhat works, that any account inactive for a certain timespan would be automatically deleted and purged.

Still, twitter would be a much better place if you didn't need to setup an entirely new email address for however many twits you setup. In the heyday of my LJ-RP most of the users I knew had easily over 500 sockpuppets. Many still do, in those RP-communities that're still active...

...and the same can be said of on twitter, where I know a few RPers that have at least a thousand RP accounts.

Not me though. I don't have anywhere near that many.